LymphSystem = Lifestyle of Health & Fitness

In case you were not aware of your Lymphatic systems job function, I would like to share with you just how big of a role it plays and why I encourage you to reflect on how a lifestyle of Health & Fitness can be very beneficial.  Your body contains 3x more Lymphatic fluid than blood and your Lymphatic system is composed of nodules, vessels, and glands which move toxins and waste away from cells, in turn replenishing them with good (I like to refer to my Lymphatic system as the “Cinderella” of my body).  These harsh toxins and waste living in our body could be from the foods we eat, the lack of supplements or even pollutants.  We all rely on our Lymphatic system more than we realize because unlike the blood which is circulated by the heart, the Lymphatic system relies on our physical activity to continue moving fluid along.  No movement = things get backed up and proper nutrition/supplements is always key in helping things digest properly too.

There are many recommendations of different types of nutrition remedies to help move along lymph fluid, but keep in mind that every “body” reacts differently and no 2 Lymphatic systems are the same.  You can start by speaking with your Lymphatic Therapist or Primary Doctor to ask them what they would recommend based off of your medical history and start by doing a process of elimination.  Take notes on foods that make you feel bloated, sluggish or fatigued when you consume.  Then journal about other foods that gave you more engergy, a clearer mindset, and leave you feeling satisfied to accomplish tasks that the rest of the day may bring!

Being that the Lymphatic system is like a car engine in our body that never shuts off, wouldn’t you want to not only give it the proper nutrition it needs, but also keep it fine tuned?  Don’t let your body break down, this is where your fitness is vital!  No need to go crazy and something is better than nothing, remember your body can stand almost anything, it is your mind that you have to convince.  Allow yourself to see the strength and beauty of which you are capable of and you will empower yourself and your Lymphatic system!

Living Strong and Healthy with Lymphedema,


Helpful suggestions to a more vibrant “you!”


One type of compression that will help move Lymph Fluid when performing light cardio, moderate or strength training.

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