Himalayan Salt the Powerful Healer

I am always researching natural treatments and tools that will help boost my immune system, promote circulation, and energize my body in order to increase proper lymph flow within my lymphatic system.  

Prior to leaving for my trip to Santa Barbara, CA I came across Salt.  It is a Salt Cave that is built from 100 percent Himalayan pink rock salt in its natural crystalline form.  Salt provides a unique environment to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Their scrubs and massage treatments are followed by a 45 minute session of complete serentity in one of their beautiful salt caves breathing in the mineral-rich air.  Natural Pure Himalayan crystal salt contains many of the elements of which the human body is comprised.  Some of the health-enhancing qualities are electrolyte and pH balance (alkaline/acidity), promotes increased nutrient absorbtion in the intestines, improves circulation, strengthens bones, and lowers blood pressure.

Santa Barbara's Unique Underground Salt Caves

Santa Barbara’s Unique Underground Salt Caves

 A particular treatment Salt offers that sparked my interest was a Lymphatic Massage (a very gentle massage) yet different from Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) because they also use the Lymphstar Pro.  This is a tool used in conjunction with the massage to aid in detoxifying the lymphatic system, resulting in an increased movement of the protein rich fluid and in turn helping to boost the immune system.

LymphStar Pro Fusion, used in conjunction with the Lymphatic Massage

LymphStar Pro Fusion, used in conjunction with the Lymphatic Massage

I was at peace and so relaxed throughout the entire treatment and I can honestly say I have never heard or felt my entire system make such unique sounds.  I was able to actually feel movement of the Lymph fluid.  This was such an amazing feeling to know that my body was functioning the way it should!  I left there feeling so energized and refreshed.  Definitely an experience that I will add to my “toolbox” for maintaining my Lymphedema.  I will be researching similar options like Salt in Florida and around the globe for when I travel.

Living and Healing with Lymphedema,


For more information / Online Boutique Visit: http://www.saltcavesb.com

I got Salted in Santa Barbara and I loved it!

Mrs. Central Florida International is Saltsational

Mrs. Central Florida International is Saltsational

2 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt the Powerful Healer

  1. Arline says:

    Great and informative! so glad you were able to take advantage of that while you were there.
    Keep us informed about what else you find, and where.


  2. Andrea Gerák says:

    Hi Amy. Here in Europe there are many places like this, also a few natural ones.

    I was curious about what you had to say about Himalayan salt in connection with lymphedema, but got introduced this machine instead.

    I love Himalayan salt, and recently have great results with it in reducing the swelling in my lymphedema legs, and a bunch of other symptoms.


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