Where does your passion come from?


The power of energy that builds from within is such an incredible feeling when we stay focused on things that we are passionate about.

I grew up creating my life through color.  Very early on I would find immense joy out of arts and crafts projects, and at one point selling my projects to earn some income.  No I did not have financial responsibilities at the tender young age, but I was determined to be able to afford items that I felt would grow my creative abilities.  Whether it was items from the book fairs at school, arts and crafts tools at a local store or items for inspiration, I would find a way to use my passion in order to make it happen.

Taking my love for color I placed the same value into my love for dance, which started at the age of seven.  This opportunity allowed me to express my personality through my feet and continue building upon my creative talents, which grew my passion as a dancer into a choreographer with various performances throughout my journey.

I learned to take the challenging aspects that dance brought and face a challenge, yet passion that I had for years.  Makeup Artistry!  I was no longer just using my creative talents to place on items to sell, but was now able to show people how to feel beautiful from the inside out through the power of color and makeup.  What a rewarding opportunity to utilize techniques, products, and placement to exude true beauty and create memories through the process.

Although I used my creative talents to express various aspects of my life through color and dance, I had truly not been able to use my voice to share with the world where my passion comes from.  You see it wasn’t until I started noticing symptoms in my lower extremities that were literally slowing down my dancing career to where I became determined to find answers.  Those answers would not come to me as quickly as I could finish a makeup application, art project or choreograph a dance.  In fact it took 18 years of misdiagnosis until I received a diagnosis of Primary Lymphedema and I now faced what would be an opportunity to fuel another passion of mine, my story.

Giving Voice to Lymphedema has opened my heart and eyes to feel and see strengths I never knew existed.  You can say my life has come full circle from being able to use my passionate filled journey to express who I am through my feet, hands and now voice has been such an enlightening experience every step of the way.  Let’s not forget we all have a story that fuels those passions, so I encourage you to feel the power of your own energy and focus on where your passions come from.

Living with Passion,


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