Time…a wonderful way of showing us what really matters

We all need time and most would agree more of it!  However what if we were more present physically and mentally within in order to fulfill the need for more.  Have you ever reflected on what part of your journey has you comparing yourself and or your worth to others?  I will share with you from my heart that I found myself doubting my abilities, self worth, and physical attributes. Spending days and months at a time trying to figure out how I could acheive a different body, beauty and purpose without even realizing I had a bigger issue that I was choosing to overlook…fear.

This body of mine has been built over time, not overnight.  It has endured sacrifices and mental challenges to gain the strength to keep pushing forward despite the struggles, sweat, tears, and pain of not only my life long dancing career, but being diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema 4 years ago.  What I didn’t know when I started dancing at such a young age was my why? I can reassure you it wasn’t to achieve the best body or other superficial goals, but what I do know is that dance gave me a constructive yet fulfilling outlet to cope with a medical condition that I had been misdiagnosed with for over 18 years. Fear is what had me believing that I had to utilize dance to mask my doubts, depression and anxiety rather than tackle them head on by digging deep to acknowledge what created that fear in the first place.

Once I allowed myself to become more present both physcially and mentally as to what and why it was controlling me, it was then that I started believing my purpose and passion over my fears.  Time has shown me that goals and aspirations of mine have been achieved, that I am worthy and possibilities are endless. I now enjoy dancing, fitness, and being a makeup artist not only as remedies for mental health, but as a way to enhance my confidence and abilities as a woman to feel better in my OWN skin.

Let us all utilize the time we are given to build better versions of ourselves by replacing the fears with a strong focus on what we do have and how to inspire those around us with those God given attributes.

I want you to acknowledge your goals you have surpassed and I want you to believe that your purpose is greater than your fears, let time show you!


Live to Inspire,





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