There is no “One Stop Shop”

I have people ask me all the time, what is it that you utilize to maintain your Lymphedema symptoms? As much as I want to provide them with a simple answer and solution, I can’t because I utilize so many different facets of maintenance.

Let us all be honest right now. What most of us are searching for is the “cure,” that “one stop shop” that solves our symptoms. I can relate because at one point I had developed the same mentality. I thought it was as simple as sticking a needle in me in order to drain the swelling, I know a bit extreme! I thought if I couldn’t fix this and make it go away, than I have failed. The search of the “quick fix” had me emotionally drained, frustrated and never satisfied.

Although I wanted answers, there was no amount of time that could have prepared me for the life long journey ahead. I had lost sight on the last eighteen years of countless misdiagnosis and never acknowledged the challenges I had overcome in that period of time of not being able to treat or manage my symptoms.

A moment stopped me dead in my tracks and had me questioning, do I want Lymphedema to control me, or will I take control of my life with Lymphedema? It was then that I decided to no longer search for just one solution, but multiple approaches. From an outward appearance some of the tools I utilize are custom flat knit compression garments, athletic compression socks, pump, manual lymphatic drainage massages, and bandaging. A more personal decision was to heal from the inside out, by changing my perspective on how I was not only going to live with Lymphedema, but thrive with it. A healthy lifestyle of wise food consumption paired with workout routines and mental clarity, has created balance within my body and the ability to control my symptoms utilizing all of these facets.

I acknowledge that we are all living with various conditions differently, so our approaches and daily decisions will never be one in the same. Therefore it is up to each one of us to choose how we are going to live a life full of purpose and passionately inspire one another to thrive!

Live to Inspire,



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3 thoughts on “There is no “One Stop Shop”

  1. Andrea Gerák says:

    That is a great outlook!

    Indeed, the majority of those affected with lymphedema or working with such people, are on the wrong track when they search for “The Cure” for lymphedema. The most common view is that “There is no cure for lymphedema.” – which is true, but it simply means: there is no FDA approved DRUG for it.

    So they are waiting for the moment when there would be a magic pill that whoosh! would solve the problem. They spend their energies on hoping and hoping (for something that will never come but they don’t know that), and fighting with the system to take care of their health and finances – instead of taking their own health into their own hands. And they KNOW that they can’t heal themselves – well, with such an attitude, for sure nobody can.

    But that is quite harmful, because there will NOT be one cure! For the very same reason that you write here: we are all individuals and different. Plus, the importance of healing from inside as you put it, can’t be stressed enough – yet, very few people mentions it at all.

    I have written about exactly this a few times. Glad to meet someone who thinks likewise!

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