Knock Out Beauty

Makeup is such a powerful tool! It provides us with creative ways to enhance, compliment and think outside the box with an array of colors. To witness physical attributes transform right before our very eyes is empowering to say the least.

With so many amazing beauty products on the market, it makes it difficult at times to decide which ones may fulfill our needs, wants or desires when completing that look. Do you find yourself always-reverting back to certain products that make you feel your absolute best? What is it about those beauty products that give you those confident feelings? Certain packaging, bright or neutral colors, coverage and wear ability are all key factors for most, but what tops these factors is finding a brand that stands behind a message through the power of makeup.

I came upon Sonia Kashuk about 8 months ago and immediately fell in love with this unique beauty line. From the creative aspects of a broad variety of makeup products to a full lineup of bath and body and plenty of accessories and tools to fulfill any need. This line truly inspires the beauty of being.

Not only does Sonia Kashuk create her own performance-based makeup formulas, blended from ingredients of the highest quality; She also designs high-end packaging to showcase her luxurious, yet affordable makeup line. Her uncompromising commitment to beauty and perfection is in constant motion and expansion: every season Sonia reinterprets the trends, creates new colors, new shapes and patterns for brushes, bags, and more. Her latest Spring 2016 limited edition collection “KO Beauty,” encourages women from around the world to Knock Out Negativity through the empowering messages scribed on every item within the collection. What a wonderful reminder when using these products that “You Are A Knock Out Beauty” and to “Keep Your Head Up.”

I encourage you to check out this collection and be empowered on a daily basis by making luxury fun, glamour affordable and recognizing that confidence radiates beauty from the inside, out.

P.S. All of us are Knock Out Beauties!

Live to Inspire,


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