When it comes to our bodies metabolism we must be mindful of key factors in helping aid our system to rev up, rather than slow down. I have complied the top 3 factors that are known to support a healthy lifestyle and leave you feeling energized.

First, Stay well hydrated: If you are not consuming enough liquids, your metabolism slows down and you will burn fewer calories. That means drinking between 9 – 13 cups of water (2 – 3 liters) every day. Although water is the default liquid because it has no calories, other beverages do count toward this goal. Just be cautious of the calories that each one of those other beverages may contain. Especially beverages containing sugars, they add up!

Second, Eat enough protein: Lean proteins such as chicken breast, salmon and ground turkey breast are a dieter’s friend for a good reason. Protein foods help build muscle, which increases metabolism and uses more calories as fuel. Even digesting proteins burns more calories. For those that prefer not to consume meats, there are great pea protein powders on the market that could be used as a protein replacement.

Lastly, Consume enough calories: This sounds counter-intuitive, but eating too few calories can send your body into starvation mode, which slows down the metabolism and weight loss. Plan ahead so it doesn’t become an overwhelming task to eat, but rather a lifestyle that is fueled by dedication and determination to keep your metabolism revved up.

Live to Inspire,