From My Heart…

This mind, body and soul have been built over time, not overnight. It has taken time and sacrifice to build the mental strength to not give up and keep the faith, despite the struggles and pain at times.

I did not start my dancing career at the age of seven to get recognition or achieve superficial goals. When I decided to take my artistic and creative talents and turn them into being a makeup artist, I didn’t make that choice thinking I am going to be the best in the industry. I made these decisions as a way to express myself, not even realizing these were gifts that would bring me immense healing aspects for years to come.

Honestly it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to heal from the inside, out in order to make those connections and really understand why I was utilizing two completely different gifts as constructive outlets. Learning that these were ways for me to cope with my past and even the diagnosis of Primary Lymphedema I received in 2011 was not an easy lesson. Any opportunity to perform and create trending makeup looks always seems to take me completely out of my element to where I get lost in the moment. No pains from the past, no thoughts of managing a diagnosis, only left with a challenge before me that was providing me with endless rewards. Hence why I constantly immersed myself into my talents and continue to do so. Being able to make these connections has given me a healthier mental approach with my lifestyle and has allowed me the opportunity to rebuild my self-trust and self worth that at one point I had lost.

I believe confidence is the new circumstance! Finding new goals and aspirations show me that I can still enjoy my gifts not only as a remedy for mental health, but also as a way to empower others and myself through my passion filled purpose.

I want to always feel better in my OWN skin, which is my wish for YOU too!

Live to Inspire,